Individual and Family Membership Dues
$45 per year.  Due on April 1 each year.  Membership is good for the individual plus their immediate (must be living with you) family members.

Please mail your dues  along with your membership application (found below) to:
Chief Ouray Gun Club
Attn:  Membership
PO Box 1402
Ouray, CO  81427

Once we receive your application and dues, we will mail your membership card to you, along with the current gate-access code.

member waiver and application.pdf member waiver and application.pdf
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Type : pdf

Non-Profit Groups

The Chief Ouray Gun Club realizes that not everyone wants a membership in the gun club.  Therefore we also offer one-time use rates.

1)      A certified RSO must be onsite for the shoot.

a.       Groups must either prove that their intended RSO is certified (by showing copy of their certificate) PRIOR to carrying on any activities at the range, or

                                                                                                   i.      They must hire one of the COGC’s RSOs at a cost of $75/RSO/day

2)      Group fee is $50 per day plus $2 per child and $5 per adult

3)      A COGC member must be present to open the gate and then close the gate when the event is complete.

4)      Groups such as these do NOT receive the gate code.

5)      Group must check with an officer to secure the date for their shoot.

6)      Group must have a maximum 1:5 shooter:instructor/parent/supervisor ratio

Instructors and Commercial Use

The Chief Ouray Gun Club welcomes instructors to utilize our range for classes.  The instructor him/herself must become a member of the Chief Ouray Gun Club (see instructions and forms above).  The instructor must also pay a use fee of $10.00 per student per class to the Chief Ouray Gun Club.

Each instructor must carry instructor's liability insurance and must name the Chief Ouray Gun Club as an additional insured.  An insurance certificate must be on file with the Gun Club BEFORE the instructor will be allowed to utilize the range for classes.

Each instructor must also file their class schedule with the Gun Club.

Instructors will also provide a copy of their instructing credentials to the Chief Ouray Gun Club prior to utilizing the range for instruction.

Instructor to student ratio maximum on the Chief Ouray Gun Club range is 1:10.

Please contact a club officer for more information or to get set up as an instructor at the Chief Ouray Gun Club range.

All applicable range safety rules must also be followed.

All students that the instructor brings to the Chief Ouray Gun Club range MUST sign the club's waiver (Membership Application and Waiver - do NOT collect the $45 membership fee unless the individual wishes to become a member of the club).  Completed waivers must be submitted to club secretary for filing.

The Chief Ouray Gun Club's Active/Approved Instructors

Survival4Chicks &Dudes2

Gayle Buske, Master Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer


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