Fire Danger in Ouray County is HIGH!  Normal activity including explosive targets are currently banned - see below.

In the event of HIGH fire danger, the following rules will apply at the Chief Ouray Gun Club Range:

in 2012 the COGC board is implemented additional safety precautions to ensure that our range and it's members are not responsible for the ignition of a wildfire.

Additional, special fire prevention measures for the range:

1.       As per County and State fire ban resolutions, there should be absolutely NO burning done at the range at this time.

2.       No tanerite or other explosive targets to be used at the range until fire hazard conditions improve countywide.

3.       Think about your target.  Large calibers should not be shot into dry (i.e hay bales) targets, which could ignite.

4.       Please use common sense and help prevent a wildfire from starting at our range!

Many thanks in advance!

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