A little history as told by Frank Massard, a Ouray old timer.  Mr. Massard passed away at the ripe old age of 102.  The following is a reprinting of a document that was found among the gun club's archives.

"Frank used to set targets for a gun club located below the trailer court on the west side of the road.  They had four targets in a row.  They hired boys to be in the pits at the end of the target range where the targets were.  The boys had a market with a round hole in the center.  It was round and made of tin or metal with a stick attached.  The boys would hold the market over the target to show where the shot hit.

The target would raise up and down and you could pull it down and mark it for the shooter.  the shooter would look through a telescope lense and see the target.

When you were in the pit there was a rock wall barricade in front of you on the shooter's side.  "I was in grammar school - probably 1906 - 1910.  It was located between the Silver Shield Mill and the village Trailer Park on the west side of the road."  Relates Massard

This shooting was done in a house or building.  The pit was in the building which was built over the pit.  The shooters shot north into the hill.  Just beyond the last trailer.  "I think the last trailer sat on the foundation of the gun club building.:

In later years there was a gun club called the Chief Ouray Gun Club.  The club building was between the Twin Peaks Motel and the Box Canyon Motel.  the bullets went into a hill.

Idarado sold land to the gun club.  On October 24, 1955, the Idarado Mining Company sold 100' x 225' Lot 6 Block 2 laying adjacent Block 2 to the Chief Ouray Gun Club.  It was later torn down by the Uhles and an 8 room motel put in.

There was a counter in the north end of the building and shooters stood back of it.  The bullets went into the hill.

The last gun club building was across from Orvis Hot Springs.

A turkey shoot.  Frank Massard said they were not always sure they killed the turkey.  Later that it was sort of inhumane.  So they shot targets and won turkeys."

~Author unknown


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